Sammy Dowds.

Goals For 2023

  • Run an 8k. [Shamrock Shuffle](
  • Run a 10k. [Hoover Damn](
  • Weight lift 3x per week. [Fitbod]( Eat out only 2-3x per month. [Eat This Much for planning](
  • Continue to learn and post about technical learnings (via this blog!)


I never thought I would be a runner. But something happened in July of 2022. I suddenly [started running 3x per week](/running.png), and took the 5k training plan via my Garmin watch app. I _highly_ recommend the [Forerunner 45]( if you are looking for a solid smart watch to get you started.

Eating Healthy

This has been a constant struggle for me for years. Its time to nail this down.
After thinking about building something for myself to build meal plans weekly, I came to the realization that whatever I build probably wouldn't be nearly as complete as [Eat This Much]( which seems to do exactly what I want. So, I paid the $47 for an annual subscription.


I really intend blogging to bring a few benefits to my life:

  1. Capture my learnings
  2. Share my learnings
  3. Build my digital platform

I don't see myself ever being a successful writer, but the intent is to help others and build a brand.


These goals are to build on momentum that I naturally built towards the end of 2022. I look forward to seeing what happens in 2023!